Who I Am

Highly qualified and motivated 

My name is Jamie, but everyone just calls me Mr. Long Beard. I am a licensed locally owned and operated small business right here in Loxahatchee FL. I have been pressure washing for over 10 years with plenty of experience and knowledge. I started this company as a family-owned operation in hopes of passing it down to my kids for them to pass on down the line. I believe as a small local company I take more pride in my work compared to these big companies. As a small business I have more time to insure myself that I leave the customer with a clean job and a smile. Bigger companies can be rushed to get the job done in order to make the next job possibly leaving you with a mess or imperfections. I am not out here trying to get rich. I am just simply trying to get by and provide for my family and hopefully create a long-lasting business for my kids to carry on with. In advance I would like to thank everyone who has or continues to support my small business. 

Sincerely your local pressure washer,

Mr. Long Beard

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